• Introduction to the Types and Characteristics of Driving Chains

    Driving chain type: Chains can be divided into transmission chain, lifting chain and traction chain. Lifting chains and traction chains are used in lifting and transportation machinery. Transmission chains are widely used in general mechanical transmission. This chapter only introduces transmissi...
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  • Indonesian Exhibition Notice

    Our company will exhibit in Jakarta, Indonesia on December 4. Time: 4 December – 7 December Address:Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto, Jakarta 10270 P.O. Box 4916, Jakarta 10049, Indonesia Welcome to you Booth number:F214
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  • How often is the chain maintained

    If the conveyor chain is not maintained for a long time, it will lead to higher failure rate and shorter service life. The daily maintenance of the conveyor chain is generally divided into first-level maintenance and second-level maintenance. Here we will give you a specific introduction. 1. In t...
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